What Is A Sponsored Research Agreement

The Office of Industry Engagement (OIE) facilitates the negotiation of SRAs, funded exclusively by private sector for-profit sponsors. The Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for negotiating SRAs when a portion of the funding to support the research project is obtained by a non-profit organization. For example, a public or federal agency, a non-profit foundation or foundation or an alliance. Can students research as part of a sponsored research agreement? Once the MRA is approved, a VPRI staff member will begin the process of negotiating the SRA. If no SRA model has been provided, the university uses the standard U model of the T-sponsored research and collaboration agreement. SRA models provided by a third party and related documentation can be submitted via My Research Applications (MRA). After the implementation of the research agreement, all project participants are expected to enter into an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property (IPI). The PSO encourages ISPs to send the Yale SRA model with the proposal. However, if the sponsor sends an agreement, the PSO will enter into negotiations to inform IP of any concerns. In general, SRAs conclude/address: A SRA is a contract that is used when a company makes funds available to a researcher at Stanford to track a given area of research within a defined time frame. Yes, under the supervision of the principal investigator (PI), students can complete research tasks as part of the project. If necessary, project participants should read the agreement and sign an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property (CIIP).

This ensures that all participants are aware of the university`s conditions and obligations in accordance with the SRA. All participants must comply with the university`s obligations. Should indirect costs be spent on all funded research? ICO negotiates sponsored research agreements when a company makes funds available to the university for a given project and seeks intellectual property rights or detailed research reports. When a company provides funds without obtaining rights, it is often a gift. IsPs and potential private sponsors can contact the OIE for more information on university-sponsored research projects. The university strives to promote cooperation with the industry in which we share the interests of research. To explore these opportunities, please visit the Office of Foundation – Corporate Relations, which serves as a general resource for business contacts throughout the university; or the Polsky Centre, which is responsible for intellectual property and intellectual property licensing issues. When should I go to the Office of Innovation and Partnerships (IPO) to work with industry on a potential research partnership? In these times of uncertainty and potential for delays/interruptions in research programs, it is important to keep research sponsors informed of the status of sustained research initiatives.