Miro Data Processing Agreement

For a large number of European/German users, it is a bitter farewell to Miro or a fierce struggle with their customers as their signing of a document to give their data … The application and respect of your data protection rights should be requested in writing and contain at least the following information: (i) your full name, address and/or email address so that we can inform you of the response to your data protection request; (ii) attached documents attesting to your identity; and (iii) a clear and concise description of the personal data by which you wish to enforce your data protection rights. If you would like to make improvements, please indicate the changes to be made and attach the documents to your application document. We believe that they remain valid, since the risks mentioned in the European Court of Justice`s judgment probably do not apply to transfers to Miro, which have never yet benefited from a national security procedure among the authorities described in the Judgment of the Court of Justice. Although these SSCs are included in our DATA AGENCY if you wish to separately execute these standard contractual clauses with us, we will be happy to help. Contact legal@miro.com to start this process. The right to be protected from discrimination in the exercise of your ccpa rights. Businesses are not in a position to discriminate against you because of the exercise of your rights under the CCAC, including: (A) denying you goods or services; (B) to provide them with different prices or rates for goods or services, including discounts or other benefits or penalties; (C) to provide them with another measure or other quality of goods or services; or (D) suggesting that you receive another price, another price, another level or other quality of goods or services. There is nothing to prevent a company from charging a different price or offering another level or different quality of service if the difference is appropriately related to the value provided by the data provided by the consumer. Hey, guys, can someone tell me which country the miro seizure is stored in? Once you have received your privacy request and have duly reviewed their usefulness, we can then modify, disable and/or delete your personal data from our website or services.

We may not be able to delete all of your data from some of our databases and, if so, we will mark this data as permanently inaccessible. You`ll also find the Security FAQ here – miro.com/security/ We can finish “Cookies” and similar technologies in your computer or mobile device to track and collect data on your use of our website and services. Cookies are small text files that our website transmits to you and that allow us to recognize you and get data such as, when and for how long you browse our website. We or our affiliates and licensed service providers can also use “beacons,” which are small files that sometimes measure only one pixel and are embedded on the pages of our website. The tags are used to identify each of our pages, to be analyzed by our system tools. You can set up your browser at any time to opt out of cookies and tags. For more information, see www.allaboutcookies.com. This is the standard cloud agreement that applies to Miro Enterprise Plan users. Miro needs a signed order form for business plan purchases. Please contact sales@miro.com for more information.

Your network and operating system and software for your servers, databases and computer systems must be properly configured to run your application securely and store data (if users agree to store their data correctly).