Mintos Agreement

In contrast, bonds are financial instruments that meet European regulatory requirements, including the EU Prospectus Regulation. According to credit agreements, late payment interest should be paid if the lender (LO) does not repay To Mintos on the maturity date of the loan (closed day or repayment of the borrower). Mintos should recaculate any settlement, including late payments! We understand the conditions under which Mintos does not comply with this clause, given that the P2P marketplace has introduced credit extensions for agreements already concluded that put users in an unfavorable position. And the icing on the cake – according to Minto`s new user agreement, investors now have to pay for lawyers` fees. So Mintos and some of the lenders are fucking, but investors have to pay to solve their legal problems? It`s not cool. The obligations will replace the current transfer agreements over time and ensure compliance with European rules in the evocative supervisory framework. We anticipate that the full transition will take up to a year, starting with the time Mintos becomes a regulated market. These changes do not affect agreements already concluded and should not penalise the user compared to the previous version of the agreement. Can you tell me the concrete place of one of the credit agreements? Most agreements have this in the form of clause 7.3.

There are more parties that cover the possible date of termination (only after the investor has been fully paid), etc. Mintos already plans to issue “Mintos” ratings that will replace divestment agreements if Mintos becomes a regulated platform. .