Bestie Agreement

July 2019 § 5.1 Both sides agree that friendships cannot be unilateral. Friendships must be based on mutual concern and loyalty. So if Friend #2 is an idiot, you`d better believe that Friend #1 will talk about it and throw it directly on Friend #2`s face. Lynze: Amazing story. Keep writing, you`re good at it. 15) I promise to let my best friend know everything first • Dinners • Movie nights • Lacrosse tournaments • Bar quiz outings • Shopping extravagances • Ironic wax cabin tours • Sincere wax character tours • All Acotar3 group texts: Wow! I loved this book. It completely touched me from start to finish. The plot of the book was excellent I also liked the characters, although this book could definitely be extended to a series, I would like much more depth in the characters and plots, except that it would definitely be. .