Appdynamics Service Level Agreement

See transaction thresholds. While the performance of business transactions is typically at the heart of a performance monitoring strategy, monitoring infrastructure performance can provide insight into the underlying performance factors. AppDynamics can draw your attention to this issue at the level of business transactions and infrastructure. The AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) platform will be presented on this page. Extensions for AppDynamics are available in the following categories: AppDynamics provides standard health rules. You can customize the default health rules and create new rules specific to your environment. Immediately operational health rules test the performance of business transactions as follows: AppDynamics gives you many opportunities to extend AppDynamics Pro and integrate metrics into other systems. The AppDynamics Exchange contains many extensions that you can download and if you can`t find what you need, you can even expand your own. Information points are a special type of metric that allows you to create reports on how your business is operating (unlike your application). For example, you can create an information point to add up the revenue generated by buying a specific product or quantity of products on your website. You can also use information points to report on the performance of your code, for example.B. how many times a given method is called and how long it takes to run.