Pontoon Boat Rental Agreement

Tenants are responsible for all damage sustained during their rental period of up to 500 $US. If the weather gets rough while you are on the lake, look for a safe place such as a bay, bay or protected shoreline and anchor the boat at the bow (front) in the wind. 3. GENERAL CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS This lease defines the entire agreement, with the exception of the waiver of joint liability, and, in addition, agreements between the parties and all discussions, agreements, assurances, negotiations and agreements concerning the issues contained in this lease agreement are merged. In addition, the consideration mentioned in it is the full, complete and complete consideration of this lease and there is no other consideration to be paid by one party to another party unless it recites it. If a provision or part of this lease is found to be non-applicable or unenforceable by a competent court, the remainder of the lease remains valid and enforceable for each party to that lease. This lease is subject to Florida state laws and a location in Escambia County, Florida. In the event that PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC predominates in all litigation or claims related to the application of the provisions contained in this provision, I agree to pay and compensate PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC for its legal costs, including, but not limited to, appropriate legal fees and legal fees. I recognize and agree that PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC is not related to Pensacola Beach Marina or other subsidiaries or related companies of these companies and that this lease is a contract signed exclusively between PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC and me.

First acceptance – 7. Careful!! – PHYSICAL DAMAGES With my authorized signature below, I agree that I have read and fully understood the waiver and release of liability attached and that, in addition, I am prepared to pay for any reason, intentionally or unintentionally, any repair costs and other physical damage that the boat may suffer during my rental, operation or any other use , as expressly stated in Exhibits “A” B and “C.” First Acceptance – OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS I acknowledge and certify that I received at least 30 (30) minutes of navigation guide on board the boat of a PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC agent before my scheduled departure time. My hands at training included the motorboat in the Inter coastal Waterway in and out of the watch area, which allowed me to operate the vessel under the supervision of PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, AGENT INC. After receiving the instructions, I am confident and physically capable in all aspects of the operation of these boats and according to all the safety guidelines of PENSACOLA BEACH PONTOON RENTALS, INC. Initial Acceptance . CANCELLATION POLICY! Cancellations can be made one week (7 days) or more before the scheduled departure time for boat rentals without penalty.