Murabaha Financing Agreement Pdf

(a) it promptly informs the institution of any delay event or event which, at the expiry of the notification or the expiry of the deadline, or both, would constitute a delay event as soon as possible if they are aware of it; (b) it makes available to the institution, upon written request, copies of all contracts, agreements and documents relating to the purchase of the goods; c) the client must do all these things and execute all the documents that may be required by the institution`s shutdown for; (i) to allow the institution to transfer or transfer the client`s responsibility for the price of the contract to a creditor of the establishment or to a third party, as the institution deems appropriate at its sole discretion; (ii) establish and improve safety; (iii) Maintain security at all times and maintain it effective, including its priority; (iv) to obtain, insure and pay all taxes on secured assets, to protect and enforce their rights and securities, as well as the rights of the institution with respect to secured assets, and v) to preserve and protect the assets guaranteed. The client must, at his own expense, provide the institution with other legal documents and opinions that the institution can reasonably request from time to time with respect to the above; (d) it will satisfactorily insure all its insurable assets with serious companies that offer protection according to the Islamic concept of Takaful. Guaranteed assets are fully insured (with a serious insurance company to the satisfaction of the institution) against all insurable risks. including fires, fires, fires, thefts, accidents, collisions, personal and motor injuries, vandalism, disturbances and acts of terrorism, and all insurance policies in favour of the institution, to allocate from time to time the amount owed after this agreement, and to ensure that the notification of the interests of the institute is recorded on the insurance policies and to pay the premium due to that insurance on an ad hoc basis and to pay the premium at the same time. If the client does not insures or insures the guaranteed assets and/or does not provide such policies and premium income to the institution, it is legal, but not mandatory, for the institution to pay these premiums and thus retain the assets guaranteed, and all expenses and expenses incurred for this purpose are billed to the client and paid by the client as if it were part of the debt. The client expressly accepts that the institution has the right to adapt, settle or compromise disputes with the insurance company (s) and insurance resulting from insurance policies (when a person received under the policy or the aforementioned policy regarding partial use or full satisfaction of the client`s debt resulting from the above agreements has been received and the client does not raise any questions or objections as to whether significant amounts could or could have been received under that policy, and the customer disputes his (s) liability for the remaining balance payable after that payment/adjustment; (e) unless necessary in the context of a normal business activity, the client may not, without the written agreement of the establishment, sell, transfer, lease or divest a substantial portion of its assets or proceed with a merger, consolidation, dismantling or restructuring that would significantly compromise the client`s ability to meet its obligations under one of the main documents; (f) the client may (and disagree), unless the institution agrees, to create, accept, accept or undergo a Link on or in relation to the guaranteed assets and all other assets and characteristics that belong to him and which may be superior to the guarantee created or to be created in accordance with the main documents; (g) it immediately informs the institution of: (a) payment of the purchase price by the establishment to the supplier on the date of value must not be contrary to the article