Aruba Software-As-A-Service Agreement

5. Use restrictions. ARUBA SaaS can only be used for internal commercial purposes of the customer and not for marketing. The customer: (i) does not exceed the usage limits indicated in the media; (ii) except to the expressly permitted extent where support expressly permits the sale, resale, conceding, conceding, leasing or distributing ARUBA SaaS or including ARUBA SaaS as a service or outsourcing offer, or making part of ARUBA SaaS available to third parties; (iii) copying or reproducing ARUBA SaaS parts, functions, functions or user interface; (iv) compromise or disrupt the integrity or performance of ARUBA SaaS; (v) use ARUBA SaaS to transmit, send or store SaaS data provided by the customer, which is obscene, threatening, defamatory or otherwise illegal or sinuous, infringing the rights to protect third-party data or infringing or misappropriating intellectual property rights; (vi) use ARUBA SaaS to disrupt or damage a third party`s system or environment; (vii) access to ARUBA SaaS to develop a competitive product or service; (viii) Reverse engineering ARUBA SaaS; (ix) any information on the performance or operation of the ARUBA SaaS (including performance calibration or other test results) without ARUBA`s express written consent to third parties; or (x) to assign a third of a security test to ARUBA SaaS, unless that third party enters into a written confidentiality agreement with ARUBA directly. Customers are responsible for complying with all terms of use of the software, content, services or websites they load, create or access when using ARUBA SaaS. If you have any questions about these Terms of Use or other questions about the site, please contact Aruba at l` HPE has extensive experience in supporting complex environments and has a global network of support partners and technical expertise. With a single agreement, you`ll get exactly the services your business needs, where and every time. 2. ARUBA Software-as-a-service. “ARUBA Software-as-a-Service” or “ARUBA SaaS” refers to the online software solutions of the Aruba brand that ARUBA makes available to the customer via an Internet connection.

The terms of use of each ARUBA SaaS are set out in the specifications, fact sheets, employment declarations, applicable end-user licensing agreements, additional license fees, ARUBA offer offers and their corresponding parts, supplements and annexes (“support materials”) that are included in this Agreement by reference to this Agreement and which can be made available to the Customer on paper or by accessing an ARUBA website.