Free Membership Agreement

1.1 WELCOME TO ALIBABA. COM`S FREE SERVICE (the “SERVICE”). Here are the terms of the free membership agreement (this “contract”) between you (“member”) and the contractor, which was defined in accordance with this clause 1.1 (“”), which allows you to access and use the service via websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other portals that are yours from time to time,, mobile versions and websites. , identified by the single “” resource locator, and the mobile applications of the e-commerce platform (together the “Alibaba sites”); and (b) the AliExpress e-commerce platform, including: but not limited to optimized web and mobile versions of websites identified by the single resource locator “,” “” and “,” as well as mobile applications from AliExpress e-commerce platforms (with “AliExpress sites”), (with “AliExpress sites”), as well as “AliExpress” sites, as well as “AliExpress” sites. 8.1 This contract and terms of use constitute and govern the entire agreement between the member and regarding the use of the Service, replacing all previous written or oral agreements on the same purpose. 4.2 Members are informed that there may be risks in dealing with people who act in false predictions. uses different techniques to verify the accuracy of the information our users provide to us when registering on websites. However, since verification of users on the Internet is difficult, can and does confirm the presumed identity of each free member posted on websites and can only make reasonable efforts to verify the personal identity of a seller`s representative in mainland China who opens a window on in accordance with applicable legislation in mainland China. We advise you to use the various tools available on websites as well as common sense to assess who you are dealing with. 2.1 The service is offered free of charge for an indeterminate period, unless it is terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

3.1 Each member assures, guarantees and undertakes to provide a) accurate, current and complete information about himself and his professional references, as required by, and (b) to immediately maintain and modify all information in order to keep it accurate, accurate, current and complete.